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A region that has seduced the soul-weary traveler with the promise of peace and the music of silence- the spiritual Nirvana that is the Himalayas.

We invite you to visit us at three very different, very special places, landmarks in our ever-evolving world. Each will bring you closer to a way of life forgotten. Each will evoke new sensation and allow for a new experience. Each will be an unforgettable spiritual pilgrimage.

Discover not only new lands, but your own self. Journey with Himalayan Destinations and take a piece of immortality with you.


Our People

Ours is a team of dedicated natives who do what they love, love what they do, and have the experience of having done both for over two decades. Our success is in our commitment to fulfilling your expectations with our experience and enabling you to take from our homes a unique, holistic experience of travel.

Our Experience

We are a small group that started in Nepal in 2006. The Himalayas have always been home for us, and the enriching experience of living here has been a privilege we would like to share with you. The countries of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan, offer unlimited opportunities for travelers like yourselves to rediscover both yourselves and your perception of our world. We will journey with you and share with you some of the most beautiful, most spiritual, and most irreplaceable experiences you will have.




The Myth of the Mountains




Nepal, a potpourri of cultures and ethnicities,  of majestic mountains and meandering rivers, interplay of exotic customs and modern manners. Nepal, the paradise playground of the Gods.

Nepali culture is a natural mix of both Buddhism and Hinduism where the people revere the living Goddess and venerate a phallic stone even as they pay homage to the White and Green Taras .

We welcome you to the heart of the Himalayas, to an adventure that has drawn people from around the world to its bosom from time immemorial.



The Last Shangri-La




The mountain kingdom of Bhutan is a living masterpiece of ecological conservation in the world today. The innate reverence that all Bhutanese have for nature in all its forms maintains an environment that remains remarkably unspoiled. Explore monastic fortresses, tropical forests with rare birds, and entire valleys shrouded in religious legends.

Few are permitted access into the land of the living dragon that consciously preserves its unique way of life. It welcomes genuine seekers for whom the chaos of urban life has become a distant memory, and who now revel in bliss of the here and now.



Begin in Kathmandu by receiving blessings from the Living Goddess in her temple home in the hear of old Kathmandu.

Fly at dawn to witness the abode of the gods. The mountain flights in the early hours are a visual feast. Feel shocked, awed and humbled as you get a close-up view of some of the world’s tallest snow-clad peaks.

Across the Pashupati temple, the holiest Hindu shrine dedicated to Shiva, stroll in the woods, inhabited by mischievous monkeys and ascetics seeking enlightenment. It is here on the banks of the Bagmati River the flaming funeral pyres announce the end of a Hindu’s mortal existence.

Sit back and enjoy a ‘fusion’ dinner in a Museum café. While listening to  contemporary jazz, do not be surprised if you see a flitting apparition of a king keeping watch over his ancient palace populated by  modern guests.

Mystery and magic surround you as you walk the cobbled lanes of Bhaktapur. Torch bearers and masked dancers accompany your encounter with traditional clay potters and weavers, side-walk merchants and  hay-laden farmers.  As you dine in the heart of  an ancient city square  , you will want to pinch yourself to reassure yourself that you are experiencing a fantastic but contemporary reality—and not a deceptive miasma.

Walking treks await you in Pokhara;  elephant safaris greet you in Chitwan. Raft in the waters of the Trisuli,  drive to Lumbini, the birthplace of  Buddha, the Awakened One, to  mingle with the monks and pilgrims.

Start at the deeply revered Taktshang Monastery in Paro, which clings to a huge granite cliff, a shrine every Bhutanese visits at least once in a lifetime.

In cities and towns like Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Wangdue, Trongsa,  you will be overwhelmed by the splendour of the majestic dzongs that have been preserved and restored to their original glory. Amidst rolling hills and fluttering prayer flags ,  the natural beauty of the country is highlighted in the Phobjikha valley, the winter home of the rare migratory black-necked cranes.

The walking tour of Bumthang brings you to some of the oldest temples and monuments in the country. Listen to tales of the Guru Padmasambhava and his reincarnation, as they are whispered to you from every nook and corner.

Dressed in traditional robes and knee-high socks, transform yourself into a Bhutanese archer and let your arrows fly at colorfully designed targets, even as you attempt to ignore the  “Dha-lo,” cheerleaders, from the opposite team whose sole aim is to  distract you. Songs, dances,  food and drinks are all part and parcel of an afternoon archery competition. Experience a unique form of Buddhism in this remote, mountainous kingdom.

Join the boisterous faithful at the Jokhang in the heart of Lhasa, as they perform a ‘kora’ walking along the inner walls of Tibet’s most sacred shrine. Spin the prayer wheels whose rotation represent the cyclical process of life.

Explore the central monasteries of Tibet – the oldest Samye in Tsedang, Tashilunpo in Shigatse, and Kumbum in Gyantse. Seek blessings from reincarnate monks who live in the many temple complexes. Absorb the clear mountain air and be rewarded with spectacular views of the Himalayas as you drive along the vast wind-swept desert flatlands.

Participate in a horse festival and witness the vitality of Tibetan culture and its people.  Become one in a colorful crowd of thousands to eat, drink and make merry even as you cheer the riders and the galloping horses.

Walk along the base camp of Mount Everest and spend the night next to an ancient monastery, where devotees maintain vigil all night long. At dawn, you will wake to see the sunrise on Jomolangma. Everywhere you look, the Himalayas are keeping an eye on you, protecting you, like the all-seeing eyes of the Buddha.


Dillibazar, Kalikasthan Bagmati Kathmandu

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